It started over breakfast.

👋 my name is Mindy and I am the 👧🏻 behind peewee! My two little nieces were born and we live much too far away from each other 🗺️ 


I ✈️ quite a bit and coordinating video calls with new parents and families that live in different timezones was 🙈 for everyone.


One day over breakfast, I came up with this 💡 of storytime on-demand, where I can read a story from wherever I am 🤳 and my nieces can open it whenever they want 🥰


Thank you for being here and I hope you ❤️ peewee as much as we do!


*P.S.- Have a story in mind and don't see it in our library? Send us a request and we'll add it to the app!📱


Fun fact: the peewee mascot is inspired by my favorite 🐱