Frequently Asked Questions
How do I send story recordings?
When you select a story book on our app, you have the option to Record, or Request. When you select Record, it walks you through the recording process. Once completed, we just need the receiver's email to notify them and you are all set!
What does Request mean?
In addition to recording a story to share with your loved ones, you may also request a story to be read by someone special! Simply choose a book on the Peewee app and personalize a message you'd like to include in the Request. We will deduct a credit from your account and the receiver will be notified via email. If they did not have Peewee prior to your Request, all they have to do is sign up with the email you sent to, and the Request will be waiting for them in their account.
Can I send a story recording to someone who doesn't have the Peewee app?
Yes! The receiver will receive an email notifying them of your story Recording. They will have the option to open and access from the web to the recording forever! 
How safe are my recordings?
Your privacy is number one with us. You have 100% control over your media and data. They are your stories. We honor that!
How many times can I view the stories?
After a story is recorded, they are yours to treasure forever! You can open the recording as many times, and share it with as many people as you'd like!
Will there be more stories?
Absolutely! We will be introducing new stories every month. If there is a story you'd like us to include on Peewee, you can also submit a story request and we will work with our illustrators to bring it to life! 
How much is Peewee?
We have multiple pricing options for your reading preference. You can pay per story for $4.99, or purchase a bundle of five stories for $19.99. For the avid readers and a great gift option, we offer a full year of unlimited story recordings for $99.99. All prices in USD.
What payment methods do you accept?
We sell directly through the Apple iOS Store, as well as the Google Play Store. For gifting, you can purchase directly on the app for immediate delivery, or pre-schedule a gift on our website.
Have other questions? Please let us know!

Thank you for the input, we are on it! :)