How to Record a Story


Step 1: Select a story to read from Discover

Step 2: Click the "Record" button to start

Step 3: Optional to include a personalized video message


Step 4: When you're ready, click the "Let's go!" button


Step 5: Click the "?" icon on the upper left corner for help


Step 6: Press + Hold the red button and start reading after you feel the buzz


Step 7: Your recording will automatically play when you release the red record button. You can easily re-record the page if you mess up


Step 8: When you finish recording the last page, you will have the option to send the story, or save to send later


Step 9: Send to any email address


Step 10: Include a sweet message and send. That's it! The story will be delivered to their inbox and can be opened on mobile and web. No sign-up required to view the story on web!